On-Con is an online anime convention being held on YouTube on Saturday, 9 May 2020.

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The Basics

Who: Geek Archaeology
When: 9 May 2020
Where: Geek Archaeology's YouTube live stream channel


Please register for free at EventBrite if you're planning to attend any part of the convention. Registration is not required to attend but helps staff estimate how many people will show up.


Brent will livestream a wide variety of events, from panels to discussions.

Brent will also have a CyTube stream running all weekend, showing a variety of classic, out-of-print anime.

On the Geek Archaeology Discord:

  • Post a picture of your cosplay in the cosplay room.
  • A separate room will host an ongoing Merchandise Swap Meet where you can buy/sell/trade your anime merchandise with other fans.


This schedule may change. All times are in Eastern Daylight Time.

Live Feed Schedule

Time Event
9:00am Saturday Morning Cartoons on CyTube (no livestream until 11:00am)
11:00am Opening Ceremonies and Discussion
Noon Otaku no Cooking Shared Cooking Challenge: Omurice
1:00pm Keynote Panel: The Anime of the Year 2000
2:00pm Group Worldbuilding: Creating a Specific Location
4:00pm Panel: Miyazaki's Mythical Animals: How the Master Blends Myth and Imagination
5:00pm Con Watch Party on CyTube
7:00pm Panel: Japanese Culture Through Anime
9:00pm The Weekly Dig
10:00pm AMV Rave on CyTube

Anime Schedule

This con's focus will be anime of the year 2000.

Time Event
9:00am Saturday Morning Cartoons: Digimon Adventure 02, episodes 1-4
11:00am Clockwork Fighters: Hiwou's War, episodes 1-4
1:00pm Hand Maid May, episodes 1-4
3:00pm Love Hina, episodes 1-4
5:00pm Con Watch Party: Digimon: The Movie
7:00pm NieA Under 7, episodes 1-4
9:00pm Sakura Wars TV (2000), episodes 1-4
10:00pm AMV Rave


  • Brent P. Newhall will be Master of Ceremonies

Panel Submission

Are you interested in submitting a panel for On-Con? We do things a little differently. Because YouTube likes to block videos that show copyrighted video content, we stream pre-recorded panels at On-Con.

First, please reach out to brent@geekarchaeology.com with your panel idea. We're looking for any panel that deals directly with anime, manga, and the Japanese otaku industry, particularly those with an analytical or historical focus.

We ask that you pre-record a panel of no longer than 50 minutes or so, then send a link to your video file (ideally on Google Drive, Dropbox, or a similar service) to the email address above by midnight Sunday, May 3. This gives con staff a week to make arrangements if things fall through.

Please do not include video clips in your panel. Unfortunately, video clips greatly increase the chance that the con's entire stream is taken down. We will review your panel to ensure there are no issues.

Note: You will retain full rights to your panel video. We will broadcast your video on our livestream, and it will be available as part of the recorded video of that livestream, but that's our only intended use. You may post and use your video however you want.

Wondering how to record your panel? Check out these pages for screen recording on Windows, screen recording on Mac, and screen recording on Linux.

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